How would you use a photographer for a day (or night)?

Photo by George Barberis
Photo by George Barberis

What else does Brooklyn’s creme de la creme love besides fancy dinners, snazzy accommodations and pocket-size dogs? Pictures of themselves! There’s nothing like a professional portrait or two to stoke the bonfire of vanity, but if you’re like us, your photos come from that same device you use to dial for take-out. So how about getting your very own photographer for a day? What an idea, right? Well, we thought so, so we found just the guy. And through the RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY, he’ll make your most photogenic dreams come true.

Win this prize on Thursday, and professional photographer and fine-art virtuoso George Barberis will be all yours for a day or night. With over a decade working in the business, George has a diverse portfolio that includes The New York Post, Smith NYC, AESA Jewelry, The Food Network and Arielle De Pinto, to name just a few.

Picture this: a personal photographer to follow you and your friends around, and we don’t mean paparazzi shots of your crew getting sloshed (although if you’re dressed up like some D-List celebrities, that could get interesting). This is something way better than just fodder for your Facebook: It’s your chance to get family portraits, pics of your band, gloat-worthy shots of your rooftop vegetable garden, examples for your Etsy site, even to capture that most special of all special days.

Since figuring out what to do with your own photographer for a day could prove a bit overwhelming, to help you get started, here are a few ideas Team Brokelyn thought up (but really, the possibilities are infinite):

  • Make your girlfriend a romantic photo lying discreetly in the buff, on fur rug, in front of your fireplace (or cardboard picture of fire).
  • Take pictures of food creations for that cookbook you keep talking about.
  • Have a DRAG party where boys dress as girls and girls as boys.
  • Take a photo series of your morning ritual, like an art piece: making coffee, brushing teeth, putting on shoes, locking door, walking to train.
  • Shoot a pie-eating/throwing contest.
  • Recruit some friends to reenact shots from your favorite movies or classics, like the shower scene in Psycho.
  • If you have a business, take photos for your website: whether you own a yoga studio, freelance fashion or interior designer, own a cafe, make jewelry, etc…
  • Dress as superheros and document an epic Justice League fight in Prospect Park.
  • “Follow me all day and shoot me like he’s Ron Galella an I’m Jackie O.”
  • Take photo evidence of this cruddy building for the eventual landlord confrontation.

What you would do with your personal shutter-pro for a day?

The First Annual Brokelyn Charity Ball will be held June 10 from 7 to 11 at at Night Owl in Williamsburg, 160 N. 4th St. at Bedford Ave. Coming? Let us know by RSVPing in the Facebook page, where you can also see all the other fine prizes.


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