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Oscar noms you can rent on Netflix

julie_and_juliaWith the Oscar nominations announced this morning, and just over a month until the big show itself, that leaves little time to get through this year’s hugely long list of Best Picture nods from the academy. Since seeing 10 movies over 33 days in theaters is just several light years out of our price range, that leaves Netflix to help us cram in the viewing (legally) and stay culturally relevant in that Hollywood-centric sort of way. With studios now re-releasing faster than you can say “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” we figured a fair number of the top flicks would already be primed for the queue. Here’s what we found.

District 9
, Best picture
The Hurt Locker, Best picture
Inglourious Basterds, Best picture
Up, Best picture
A Serious Man, Best picture
Julie & Julia, Best actress
Animated feature
Food, Inc.,
Documentary feature

Not yet (but soon)
An Education, Best picture, March 2010
Precious…, Best picture, March 2010
Fantastic Mr. Fox, Animated feature, March 2010


  1. hannah

    the hurt locker is still in theaters (playing at the quad as of this past weekend) and i highly recommend it. i suspect the intensity would be much less at home. and not that it’s a bargain, but the quad is $10.50 versus the $12.50 mega theaters.

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