Lena Dunham (impersonator) auditions for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

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The cold, steely eyes of a killer

Brooklyn Heights resident and famous naked person Lena Dunham has been really, really busy lately. She’s got her television show, a book that she needs to finish and is presumably leaving until the last minute, a few more Golden Globe acceptance speeches to write and she’s ducking some nosy tabloid reporter skulking up and down Henry Street looking for her. So where she found the time to audition for Bin Laden-killing flick Zero Dark Thirty is a mystery to us. But, the voice of our generation has once again proven that Millennials, if nothing else, keep ourselves busy.

OK, just kidding, it’s not actually Lena Dunham. It’s just Chelsea Davison, who has her mannerisms and accent down to a creepily authentic level. Like a “go around getting fre drinks from starstruck fans” kind of level. Nice touch eating the muffin during the interrogation too, it seems like the kind of thing we imagine a flibbertigibbet like Dunham would do if tasked with questioning a high-level terrorism suspect.

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