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What New York Magazine readers talk about when they talk about twee

Breaking news out of 1986: Brooklyn is happening.

We had our own brief discussion about whether or not Brooklyn is becoming too twee, but we weren’t the only ones. Over at New York Magazine, the commenters had their own rage issues to work out about hipsters and transplants. To be fair, they were able to stay on topic without veering off into whether or not B. Hussein Obama was actually born here, something you don’t see in the comments section of YouTube, the Post or even the Wall Street Journal, apparently. Hell, some of the comments were even in defense of the foodies. Presented below are some favorites.

“DIEHIPSTER” is actually German for “THEHIPSTER”


I like this person because he makes good points but  he also sounds like a condescending asshole. Like me!

YOU GUYS! Time travel is possible! How else to explain this person wielding an argument that was last relevant eight years ago? Now go, Nunavyorkunsern, hop back in your incredible machine and kill Hitler!

Shut up, you and your well-reasoned arguments and lack of outrage. Where do you think you are, Charlie Rose?


BreadBabe seems like a mom. Like, you can see her patiently explaining to a child why throwing rocks at someone isn’t an acceptable thing to do in the same exact tone as this comment. Hell, she makes me feel bad for snarking on the other comments.


There was a comment that was way too long for a single screenshot but has to be highlighted for laughs.

I know, right? What’s the difference between Domino’s and My Little Pizzeria? They both make pizza, so the answer must be nothing. That comments goes on for paragraphs more and ends with a demand to “take a walk around TJ Maxx.”

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  1. diehipster

    I like how you pretend not to acknowledge that the website exists by translating diehipster from German to English even though we are in America and it clearly means “fall off the face of the planet you fucking space wasting motherfucking hipster”.

    • David Colon

      I like how you don’t get that that is a Simpsons joke. This makes you infinitely worse than whatever strawmen your delusional ass constructs to then tear down in your idiotic quest to…what exactly?

    • eric_silver

      I like how you pretend not to acknowledge that he’s making a Simpsons reference by reading the article literally, even though Brokelyn articles usually quip and refer to pop culture, and it clearly comes from the Sideshow Bob gets out of prison episode, where they ask about his tattoo, “Die Bart Die”.

  2. uesider

    Wow, how cool and edgy you are using a pop culture reference from about 20 years ago when you were still eating Cap’N Crunch in your footie pajamas

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