Tell us: What do you splurge on?

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That's probably Beth in that cab right now, naughty girl! Photo by Baptiste Pons.

This question sparked a big discussion at our meeting this week, and we wanted to put it to you. It’s the eternal debate: Should I go out and see things and talk to people and spend money, or should I watch Hulu and drink a Simple Times Lager? Let’s take a moment to talk about our splurges! I’ll tell you mine. Ready? It’s cab rides. I knooooowww. Terrible. Like throwing money to the wind, when the subway is right there. Sometimes, I’ll think to myself: I could have one more drink… or I can take a cab. Guess which one wins. (I have more bourbon at home). Okay, stop judging me and tell us what you love to splurge on! Is it brunch (Leah) or facial moisturizer (Nina) or a $250 hat?

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  1. Thanks, Beth — I love this question. My guilty pleasure is Claus Porto bath soap for $16. They last for months and they make your whole apartment smell nice and the packaging (modeled after original Deco wallpaper and stuff) is insanely gorgeous. Way nicer than Dr. Bronners.

  2. I splurge on my Mani- Pedi’s. I was just turned into a ($40-$50) Minx Addict and am guilty of always getting a ($40-$50) Spa Pedi.

    (I also justify taking cab rides lol! when I dont feel like waiting the dreaded 5-7 minutes for the next R or F train)

  3. My splurges are usually sweet. The latest was a bag of espresso malted-milk balls (like espresso Whoppers) from Market in Ditmas Park. My next might be the floss halvah, which really does look like sesame spools of dental floss.

  4. I splurge on jewelry — not like gold and diamonds, like a $50 ring here and there. Easy to justify , because it lasts forever.

  5. Aaaaah – I love this post — because I can now confess all of my guilty secrets and pleasures.

    It used to be CABS, for sure, but now I live across the street from the 2 stop, so justification has become that much harder. I’m saving a lot of money ($100-200?) as a result though!

    Food from Starbucks (where I like to go and work for the free internet and cause it’s close by, shut up): $4.50 for a boiled egg, a few grapes, and a mini bagel that I don’t eat because I’m allergic to wheat? I guess that’s not splurging, just stupid, but hey…

    And blow-outs. I am slowly learning to do them myself at home, but $35 to look hot? worth it! Makeup, too, but is that really a “splurge”?

    And the last thing, but I think of this more as a good investment than splurging, is stuff related to exercise, gym… like a trainer for my bike so I can ride it indoors, etc.

  6. Fancy dinners. Like the kind where you can’t even look at the prices on the menu. But those are few and far between (read non-existent)these days. We are settling for lunches and brunches at fancy pants restaurants. Still fills the splurge need, without so much of the wallet shock.

  7. Eating lunch out at work. Even the cheapest lunch spot can’t beat a bagged lunch (most of the time). I don’t know what’s so daunting about putting a sandwich together… I think it’s all about an excuse to leave the office.

  8. Travel with my kids. Yes it would be so much cheaper to leave them home with g’ma & g’pa, but I refuse. My motto is “When I roll, my kids roll”. Although I have absolutely no problems leaving my husband home. Hey! somebody has to work to pay for this.

  9. Very, very good chocolate. I’m vegan, so I can’t get by on M&M’s and Snickers when the world is spitting sideways snow and everything is awful.

  10. quality and specialty food items and also somewhat pricey meals every other week [but i combat these costs by cooking dinner at home often and bringing lunch to work at least 4/5 times a week]. massages once a month. travel.

  11. great question! feel-good things like cashmere sweaters, well-made jeans, monthly massages, fancy sandwiches. sometimes spending = sanity.

  12. my only big splurge is probably concerts and travel. Haven’t done either in a while, but presently considering major Left Coast music festival trip soon…

  13. Gilt Groupe. I stopped buying fast fashion crap every other day and I just save my duckets for a fancy dress once a month or so. I spend the same amount of money on clothes now, I just have a few amazing pieces instead of a million crappy ones.

  14. Exotic and unusual beers from American Beer Distributor/Thrifty Beverage Center (265 Court Street) are worth the splurge.

  15. Oh my gosh, as I was mentally preparing my list I realized I splurge on way to many things. However it comes in cycles. For example I used to get mani/pedis and massages after work fairly often. This month it’s been cabs. Often it’s accessories and recently it’s been custom bike parts. Oh and the brooklyn’s best brie cheese, but I can’t help it because I live right above the gourmet food supply store.

  16. just took a cab and the G is totally up and running on a weekend. but can i subtract guilt when my umbrella died on the way to the subway?

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