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We’re gon’ let you finish but – here’s how to get free VMA tix

Be there if it happens again
Be there if it happens again

As has been reported, the MTV Video Music Awards are coming to the Barclays Center this month. We won’t do an old person joke about how they don’t play videos anymore, because we saw some videos on the MTV last weekend. They were horrible! Anyway, if you want to go and see if Taylor Swift beats your boy Macklemore for Video of the Year, heads up: tickets are free, and we will tell you how to get them.

It’s simply a matter of jumping over to 1iota and snagging yourself a Pit ticket, which is the only kind available right now. You have to sign up for a free 1iota membership to get a ticket, so if you’ve got an email address laying around that you never use, now’s the time to use it. You can also only get one ticket, so good luck not sitting next to a 19-year-old Bruno Mars superfan. Or maybe that’s your thing, in which case have fun!

You can also check in with 1iota on Facebook or Twitter for “audience casting opportunities,” but they’re vague about what that entails and we imagine the number one rule is no Olds. And being that this is MTV, 25 is goddamn ancient to them. We’ve already put our vote in for video of the year. But, Kanye West will be there, Taylor Swift will be there, and the world will be watching, so maybe you wanna be there.

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