Parks Department now hiring a full-time blacksmith to make over $100,000 a year

Do you dream of power hammers and automobile parts? Can you weld in your sleep? A dream job has opened up over at the Parks Department proving you can have your city living and your artisan iron work too.

NYC Parks is in need of a blacksmith, who they will pay $100,725 annually to work in Queens doing your typical blacksmith things, like repairing play equipment, vehicles and fencing, possibly supervising the work of a Blacksmith’s Helper, forging angle irons, and maintaining records of all your doings. In order to qualify, you’ll have to have five years of recent full-time blacksmithing under your belt, live in New York State or more specifically NYC, depending on the amount of time you’ve spent in city service, and have a NYS driver license.

This isn’t a job for just any blacksmith, either: NYC Parks is looking for a tech-savvy welder capable of not only fixing all their broken iron but also with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.

The job listing doesn’t specify where in Queens you’ll be working specifically, but likely the borough will be your iron-filled oyster. To apply,

Not about that welding life, or Queens? The Parks Department is also in the market for a hydrologist, forester, climber & pruner, and a number of other gigs.

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  1. Jessica

    Given the community that you’re posting to, it seems naive not to include “renaissance woman”. There are lots of Brooklyn female welders. Why not make this simple change to be more inclusive?

  2. Ms Schlitzer

    Jessica: I can’t see where this is NOT inclusive!? It doesn’t contain the reference to men at all? Do you need a specific invitation to women in order to feel confident you would be accepted!? NOT ME! – signed: 30 years experience in the metal smith industry ( oh and yea, female)

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