The Week in Broketown, 8/31 – 9/4

Don't be crabby, it's the weekend! via Facebook
Don’t be crabby, it’s the weekend! via Facebook

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-Take it from a New Eglander, this is where to get Brooklyn’s best mollusks and shellfish

-Summer isn’t over until September 22, so here’s how to spend every last day of the season

The Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator can make you your monkfish-filled menu with just a click

Learn how to get eligible for affordable housing, so you can win the lottery some day

-Maybe a lottery like this one, for a teeny tiny micro-apartment

-Bike racks are finally coming to city buses

-Want to own a charming Californian bistro? You can, with just $100 and an essay

-Hey good news, NYC is only the SECOND most expensive city to raise a family in

Uncle Meg makes rapping about cats cool

-Mets fever is sweeping the city, and this guide to the team will let you catch it

-We love Rocka Rolla, we love The Brass Rail and we love the Brooklyn Ice House 

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