New Music Tuesday: Uncle Meg’s cat-inspired raps are liberating

uncle meg

Out of any type of person who exists, or could possibly exist, on this earth that we share, I offer all of my respect to the type who whole heartedly encourages themselves, and others, to do whatever the hell they want. Uncle Meg is one of those types.

A Brooklyn-based rapper who is probably best known for their work with the hip-hop trio Hand Job Academy, Uncle Meg (Driver’s License name Meg Skaff) is in the process of releasing a debut EP called Dangerfield. Here’s the video for the first single off the new release, “Uncle Freestyle:”

Seeing as there is a heavy amount of cat related activity in the video, we thought we’d better unravel the subject a bit by asking the following question:

Question: Please describe the last time you were “stepped to” by a cat in a way that caused you actual fear. (And when I say “cat” here I mean an actual feline. I’m not using hip jazz slang.)

Here’s what Meg had to say about it:

“Before I moved the Brooklyn in 2008, I was hanging out in the living room with my mom and we heard Kitten Anne running and jumping around furiously. We thought Kitten Anne was having a great time and playing, until she came running into the living room SCREAMING because she was trapped in a plastic Target bag. She had one handle around her hind leg and one handle around her neck. She was pissing in the bag she was so upset. So I went to rescue her and save the day and she literally FLIPPED A SHIT on me and bit my finger and wouldn’t let go for like five minutes. And then I fainted hahaha.”

Well clutch my pearls, that is quite the pussy predicament (oh my God, I’m so sorry about what just happened back there.) The best we can do is hope and pray for Kitten Anne’s safety and mental well-being moving forward.

Uncle Meg’s debut EP, Dangerfield, comes out on September 15th and will be available at normal places.

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