The week in Broketown, 3/21-3/25

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This Kentile Floors sign parodying ad was just too much this week.

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-Mindy Tucker told us about being the photo angel of the NYC comedy scene.

-We learned about NYC’s most exclusive art space (and forest) on the Hudson.

-The millennial vs baby boomer war finally got underway.

-We slammed these ads (including the one above) for breeding a generation of bad New Yorkers.

-We considered moving to one of the foreign “Brooklyns” in case Trump wins.

-Hamilton announced open auditions (you still can’t get tickets though).

-Batman V Superman disappointed, but this Batman/Superman movie still didn’t. 

-We got to find out what developers say about gentrification behind closed doors.

-Kevin Allison told us about being a prostitute and catering for Trump.

-You were invited to help #SaveNYC.

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