The week in Broketown, 11/28-12/2

Keep making monkeys fuck, not war, Brooklyn.
Keep making love, not war, Brooklyn.

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We gave you creative ways to tag over hate graffiti and turn it into a friendly Roboctopus.

Your holiday shopping list got easier with our roundup of the best winter markets in Brooklyn.

The Gowanus Canal threatened to become as shit-filled as Trump’s America.

The old Domino Sugar factory became a place you could afford to live.

The most novel idea, a book about pun competitions, finally became a reality.

NYC was declared the third most expensive city to get a tattoo.

Brooklyn dads loved it when you called them Big Papa.

Netflix’s new offline streaming called for some subway watching etiquette rules.

“Professional feminist advocate” became a real job description you could brag about.

Seamless subway ads just kept getting worse in NYC.

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