Apply now: The lottery for $596/month studios at the old Domino Sugar factory site opens today

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A sweet deal at the old Domino sugar factory site. Via Shop Architects.

Years ago, when the spread of waterfront development in Williamsburg momentarily seemed containable, a group of residents and decay-junkies led an effort to preserve the old Domino Sugar factory complex. The ill-fated goal was to preserve the historic, hulking ruins of the old sugar factory, whose vast abandoned charm and industrial aesthetic reminded the neighborhood of its pre-hyper gentrification days. The effort failed of course, and the massive development project pictured above is under construction. So you can’t live in lofts carved out of a 130-year-old sugar factory, but you can at least live on the land instead: Today, the lottery opened for $596/month studios at 325 Kent Ave., the first building on the site. 

To qualify, you need to be a single person making between $21,772 and $25,400 a year.  Even at that “affordable” housing rate, the studio would still cost 30 percent of your annual income, but this is about the state of NYC real estate these days. Only six studios are up for grabs too, so this should sweeten (sorry) your incentive to move quickly. The deadline is Jan. 30, 2017. To apply or find out more information, go here.


The Domino project, from developer Two Trees, will eventually dump 2,800 new apartments on the waterfront. Part of the Domino factory is landmarked; that old brick building will be renovated and turned into offices or other commercial space.

(h/t Gothamist)

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  1. I am a mature male who likes my own space, in a nice clean area. living currently on long island but always wanted to live in the borough of Brooklyn. I remember as a truck driver the domino sugar plant and how the area was, and now it is very beautiful. This would be my dream .

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