The Week in Broketown, 11/2 – 11/6

Drink to the weekend! via linkedin user Ruth Temianka
Drink to the weekend! via linkedin user Ruth Temianka

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-Trade in pumpkin beer for some hard cider at any of these BK bars with deep cider selections

-Want to make street art and not get arrested? We’ve got the lowdown on how you can do that

-You’ll have twice the amount of Greenlight Bookstore next year after they open their PLG location

-Don’t worry, even if you have no idea what 9/11 was, you can teach at the September 11 Memorial

-The leaves are changing, but your job prospects are evergreen, so apply to work at the Girl Scouts, WNYC or more spots

-Why do either of those when you could qualify to BE AN ASTRONAUT

Developers threw a gentrification party in the South Bronx that was either gross or wonderful, depending on whose account you read

-A 100% non-toxic affordable apartment is waiting for you in Gowanus, you just have to win the lottery

-Or take your chances with three guys looking for a woman to live in their walk-in closet in Clinton Hill

-Get lost in WASHA’s vivid intricacies

-November’s barely over, so make sure you catch the rest of the month’s best shows for under $10

-We love the Classon Social Club

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