This week in anti-Trump activism: One step forward, two steps back?

Every time we get a tiny good thing or glimmer of hope that things are getting better, they kind of… don’t. Last week was good in that Republicans’ efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with like, a bottle of Tylenol (if anything) were, per usual, unsuccessful; but rest assured, they’ll try again. It was bad in that Trump decided to reinstate a ban on trans people serving in the military and, on Friday, told an adoring audience of police to be “rougher” while making arrests. In better news, this administration is going completely off the rails, with Chiefs of Staff getting fired (bye, Reince) and Press Secretaries inadvertently leaking to the press.


  • Share your reproductive rights stories and learn more about abortion access with NYC for Abortion Rights’ open mic night. (Starr Bar, 7pm, $5 suggested donation)
  • All proceeds from this art showcase, featuring 19 artists and choreographers, benefit the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of NYC. (DL Rooftop, 7:30pm, $15)



  • More than 220,000 voters in New York City were unable to vote on election day because their voter registrations had been purged from the voter rolls. Now people are demanding justice at this rally for election integrity. (345 Adams St., 11:30am)
  • TransAlt is having a multi-part teaching series on activism and community organizing. This week, they’ll be training people on how to use social media to organize. (TransAlt Office, 6:30pm, FREE)




  • Learn how to connect people with information and services related to reproductive rights at this panel. All proceeds from the cover will benefit the New York Abortion Access Fund and New Women Space’s programming. (New Women Space, 6:30pm, $5 – $20 suggested donation)
  • The Citizens Climate Lobby is having its latest chapter meeting. (Friends and Lovers, 6:30pm, FREE)
  • Writer and activist Shaun King is having an event for the launch of Woke Folks, a new social justice organization he is forming. (Star Academy – PS 63, 7pm, FREE)






  • Protesters are rallying at JFK against Trump’s decision to once again bar U.S. citizens from traveling to Cuba. (JFK Airport, 7pm)

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