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Brooklyn Kinda Love to air on Playboy TV [NY Times]
Crown Heights café serving 10-shot espresso [Daily News]
Among bugs & sugar napkins, a Bostonian hip deep in Brooklyn [Boston Globe]
NY’s top health official on W’burg-themed Camel cigs [Daily News]
NY State voter turnout… sucked [NY Times]
Bed(?)bug-on-the-R-train video [Gothamist]
Sheepshead grandmother, 86, wins beauty pageant [Sheepshead Bites]
Two new wine spots in W’burg [Grub Street]
Win two tix to tonight’s Radio Happy Hour at the Bell House [the skint]

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One dog could change the storied theater's legacy. Kona, a bedbug sniffing dog, recently declared the Pavilion bedbug free,


Coffee has waves? Three waves? What does that mean? Please at least give me an espresso while you explain.


Know your rights: Landlords are legally obligated to pay for bedbug treatments in their properties. But what happens when they still refuse to pay up?


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