Website will sell you morning-after pill for half the price a pharmacy does

morning-after pill
You can avoid this scene for half the price now

Have you ever had a great night of fucking and then when you wake up realize you didn’t use a condom? Ever have a mediocre night of fucking and have that realization? Do you live in Greenpoint, the land of no condoms? Well good news! A new website is offering to sell and deliver you emergency contraception for $25 total, which is half the price you can get it at a pharmacy.

RH Reality Check has the story of the company, Syzygy and their version of the morning-after pill that they’ll sell you for $20, with a $5 shipping price tacked on. Compared to the average price that RH found, which is $48 for Plan B and $41 for a generic pill, that’s a hell of a bargain to not wind up pregnant.

Seeing as how you can just about anything delivered to your apartment just by using the internet, it’s about time someone started offering to bring a morning-after pill right to your door. On the upside column, getting the AfterPill from Syzygy is half the price of a store-bought morning-after pill and you won’t have some judgmental pharmacist refusing to sell it to you. On the downside, delivery takes a week, so you’re gonna need to order some in advance. Syzygy’s managing director countered that by pitching having AfterPill in your apartment as planning for an emergency, the same thing as having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Which, come to think of it, we don’t have that in our kitchen either, so hopefully that can be delivered to our apartment too.

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