Watch (or re-watch) the uh, magic, of the Oscars on Hulu

And the winner for Best Picture is...my bangs!
And the winner for Best Picture is…my bangs!

The Oscars! They happened! And if you don’t own a television and were too hungover committed to relaxation for the whole day to go anywhere and watch, all you had was a frequently confusing Twitter feed. And while following along during people’s 140 character outrage during the show is certainly one way to follow it, how can you be sure of which of Seth MacFarlane’s terrible gay panic, women be shoppin’ objects jokes was the worst without witnessing it yourself? Fortunately for you, you’ve got a couple days in which to do that, thanks to Hulu.

The internet TV service will be streaming the Oscars until midnight on February 27, so now there’ll be no excuse to not watch the Oscars except for the fact that it’s still basketball and hockey season and those are much better ways to waste time. If you’ve already seen the show, you can re-live FLOTUS herself, Michelle Obama, declaring Argo the best film of all time until next year’s Oscars. Or strengthen your hopeless crush on the oh-man-she’s-totally-attainable Jennifer Lawrence. If you haven’t seen it, you can find out for yourself how true one cultural observer’s prediction that Seth MacFarlane would be “smug, self-satisfied, extremely punchable, inexplicably successful” turned out to be.

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