Warm up tonight with art and free hot toddies at Greenpoint Gallery Night

brooklyn artists alliance
You can check out Mike Taylor’s exhibition “No Future” at the Brooklyn Artists Alliance. Nihilism is always in. via Facebook

Winter, being that slog that it is, isn’t very friendly to going out. Still, you should reconsider your plan to just hole up in a bar or not even do that, because tonight, Greenpoint’s local art galleries are opening their doors from 6pm-9pm in celebration of Greenpoint Gallery Night. The event (organized by Scott Chasse of Calico and Lia Post of Fowler Arts) features a variety of local exhibition spaces and businesses with artistic elements. With every gallery being in walking distance of the other, you can set your own route, making it a perfectly casual night out, date or otherwise . So put on those snow boots and slog around Greenpoint to stare at some local art and feel smart.

Just as (possibly more) importantly, there’s free booze, and a solid variety of it. The night is a creative spin on the classic pregame. Instead of the usual Friday night ritual consisting of mixed drinks and listening to your roommates bitch about their work week, go get some culture and complimentary dranks!

There’s variety in the art and in the drinks as well. Some standouts to us are Heliopolis (154 Huron Street), who’ll be serving hot toddies (!) to accompany the debut of Matt Gliva’s solo show of works, “Wash Self/Flesh Saw”. Human NYC (110 Meserole Avenue) has beers and illustrator/comic book artist, Austin English. Wine and Laura Splan’s paper collage show, “Meta Static” are featured at Dose Projects Space (67 West Street). See the map below for the full list of participants. All in all, Greenpoint Gallery Night is a great opportunity to check out the wide variety of local art Greenpoint has to offer while also getting a solid buzz on.

greenpoint gallery night

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