Want a $600/month studio in Downtown Brooklyn? Of course you do

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You fancy, huh? via Brownstoner

Oh, hello, affordable housing. Though rent in Brooklyn’s getting more and more expensive (and we’re still waiting on Mayor Bloomberg to come through with those promised tiny apartments), there’s still hope for the broke; Brownstoner says a new apartment complex under construction in Downtown Brooklyn will be offering 63 one-and-two bedroom units for households that make $20,640 to $42,950 a year, and they’re currently accepting applications!

The development, which is located at 66 Rockwell Place (formerly 29 Flatbush Ave, but doesn’t Rockwell Place sound fancier?), will be offering studios at $546/month and $696/month and one-bedrooms at $587 and $748/month, along with two-beds for $714/month and $907/month. You can apply online here; the complex is still in the process of getting built, and will feature 327 apartments in all.

[h/t Brownstoner]

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