Wait, Dr. Zizmor could have been on ’30 Rock?’

He'd have fit right in, honestly
He’d have fit right in, honestly

Before it rode off into the TV sunset, 30 Rock was known for a being sitcom that was in love with New York. We particularly liked the occasional Mr. Met cameo. But for anyone who’s ever ridden the subway and passed time staring at the ads, there’s one that’s always stood out: “Thank You Dr. Zizmor!” The ad, which despite being clear about what its advertising is mysterious because it looks like it was made in 1995, is as much of a New York institution as the Yankees at this point, so it makes sense Tina Fey tried to get the man responsible for it to make a cameo on her show.

Sadly, the good doctor had no interest. Fey told an audience at a 30 Rock panel that the show actually did reach out to the cult dermatologist. But incredibly enough, he turned them down. It’s a shame really, because no matter how the scene turned out, you just know it would have ended up being the most watched Hulu clip in the New York area for years and years.

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