Vote a Sheepshead short into the PBS spotlight

cicada2A few TV time slots each week are pretty much guaranteed to steer well-clear of the usual programming gutter. Take Channel 13 on Saturday nights, between 9 p.m. and about 1 a.m. You’ll start with a classic, end with an indie, and smack in-between you’ll catch a few minutes of a short film—something a little humbler in scope voted onto the air by NY’s PBS viewers. This week, that short can be Cicada, a Russia-to-Brooklyn childhood tale by Sheepshead Bay’s Natalya Serebrennikova. But the little story of an immigrant girl’s first day of school has competition, so it needs your help to make it to Saturday night.

Cicada‘s up against two other films on Reel 13’s site, where voting is open until this Wednesday, Aug. 25. The winner will be broadcast Saturday, Aug. 28, between Father’s Little Dividend (with Spencer Tracy & Elizabeth Taylor) and the indie Shades of Ray.

As of writing, Cicada does have a slim lead (265 vs. 250), but there’s plenty of time left. So do your part to get this tiny slice of Sheepshead Bay into the Saturday night spotlight. Watch the film and vote here.

via Sheepshead Bites

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