How to volunteer and get free tickets to NYC summer festivals

governors ball
They make a lot of garbage for you to pick up at Governors Ball, but you also go for free. So, fair deal. via Facebook

You know what the worst part of a music festival is? The music festival prices.  Just because you happen to be a fiscally-challenged urban sophisticate doesn’t mean you should be missing out on all of the festivities, and while scaling the walls and fending off security might sound fun, we’ve got an alternative way to get free tickets that involves light volunteering and minimal tazer burns. By volunteering and working for a few hours, turns out you can get access to New York’s two hot-ticket festivals coming up this summer, Northside Festival and Governors Ball, and we’ve got the rundown on exactly how it’s done.

Northside Festival

Holy hell, the bands are invading Brooklyn. Under the cover of some “music festival”, over 400 bands are going to be storming King’s County to play in one giant week of awesomeness called Northside. From June 12-19 everyone from CHVRCHES to Neon Indian to Talib Kweli will be playing, and by volunteering you’ll get a badge to get you into all the top shows for free. Shift hours are still vague, but if you’re looking to get in no matter the cost (except actually paying a cost), then head over to their volunteer page and get to work/listening to cool bands.

Governors Ball

And of course the brass ring, the big one: Governors Ball, going down from June 6 to June 8. Of course, everyone’s looking to get tickets to NYC’s biggest music festival, with everyone from Outkast to Jack White to Vampire Weekend coming out. Problem is, tickets are getting to insanely high prices, so volunteering is looking like the way to go. Most of the cool jobs are taken, so it looks like cleaning up people’s garbage, with Clean Vibes, is going to be the price to party. In order to get in, you’ll first have to pay $20 for the processing, which really isn’t volunteering but let’s not get technical. Next up, you’ll have to put up a $250 deposit, just to make sure you get to work and don’t run off. You’ll be doing 5-hour shifts, one all three days, but if you’re a true music fan then you should be laughing at these idiots practically giving away tickets to the best show of the year.

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