Volunteer at Brooklyn Pour, go to Choice Eats 2014 for free

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So well love beer. That’s just a given, especially if you’re reading this post. The only thing better than one beer is many, many beers in some kind of festival setting. Is there anything better than that? Well, we’re going to be a little blasphemous here and suggest there might be: tons of free food. And if you can stand volunteering at this year’s Brooklyn Pour, while people are drinking beer all around you, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Here’s the deal: Brooklyn Pour is the Village Voice‘s big beer festival, happening at the Williamsburg Savings Bank. There’ll be many, many craft beers makers there, giving out samples of their wares to beer-thirsty attendees. If you want to go, it’ll run you fifty dollars though. And that’s fifty dollars you could spend on beers to drink at your own home, or even use to buy drinks for your friends because you’re such a pal. Still, the event intrigues you and you’d like to help.

In that case, Brooklyn Pour is looking for volunteers. As a volunteer, you’ll be helping run the event in a variety of ways, from assisting brewers to pointing guests in the right direction or answering their questions without rolling your eyes. Unlike other volunteer gigs, your reward won’t be free beer at the event, but will come further down the line, as volunteering entitles you to a free ticket to Choice Eats in 2014.

Should you do it? Provided you’re patient enough to make it to March, and you’re confident in your ability to live that long, we think it’s a more than fair trade. Instead of working a couple of hours and trying to drink as much beer as you can in the time away from your shift, you’ll get access to three hours of awesome restaurant creations for free, as opposed to paying fifty dollars. Sure you’ll be surrounded by drunks while volunteering, but just keep thinking about free food from the likes of Mable’s Smokehouse, Dirt Candy, Red Hook Lobster Pound and many more. And how all the food won’t give you a wicked hangover the next day. Yes, this is the rare instance in which food trumps beer, so jump on it while you can.

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