Vogue UK called the Navy Yard ‘the deepest depths of Brooklyn’

alexander wang brooklyn fashion week
These models look unhappy, but we’re not sure if it’s because they’re in Brooklyn or because they’ve been transformed into mannequins by a gypsy curse. via Yahoo

So we figured that after the first round of bellyaching about having to come to Brooklyn, the fashion world’s hilariously out of touch mucky mucks would take another Klonopin, settle down and just accept having to travel a whole 2.5 miles from the Manhattan Bridge. Well, guess again plebe, because Vogue UK was at the Alexander Wang show and they barely survived their trip “in the deepest depths of Brooklyn.”

Just look at this beautiful paragraph of pearl-clutching Brooklyn hating from Vogue UK‘s Sarah Harris:

MEMO to Wang: travelling into the deepest depths of Brooklyn on an icy Saturday night doesn’t put show-goers in the best of moods. It transpires that his show venue is so remote that it doesn’t even show up on Sat Nav. And so, in a not-so-fun game of the blind leading the blind, a convoy of town cars circle streets in search of Wang autumn/winter 2014. As the cars pulled up to the elusive Ship Way Avenue, passed [sic] 9pm, more than half an hour later than scheduled, a collective this-had-better-be-worth-it rippled through Wang’s particular warehouse of choice.

What is there to say even, except that we hope Alexander Wang holds his next show in a Bushwick garbage depot building and Sarah Harris has to cover it?

(Oh also, Ship Ways shows up on GoogleMaps, so maybe she should just get a better navigation machine)

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