Fashion folk hilariously angry about Fashion Week show in Brooklyn

fashion club daria
Some more cartoons who wouldn’t be caught dead over here, probably

We might have been celebrating the fact that Brooklyn was getting a Fashion Week show courtesy of Alexander Wang, but not everyone is. If you had “January 21” in your “When will fashion industry goon say something marvelously stupid about Brooklyn” pool, thank photographer Hunter Flynn Abrams and fashion consultant Ann Caruso and then collect your money. From The Daily News:

“It’s the biggest show in New York, so we’re all going to be covering it — we’re just going to be pissed,” said fashion photographer Hunter Flynn Abrams

“I don’t even go over to Brooklyn to visit my good friend,” said fashion stylist and consultant Ann Caruso, who worked at Vogue for six years before starting her own company.”

If you don’t even visit Brooklyn to see your “good friend,” is it really much of a friendship to begin with, Ann?

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