¡Viva México! ¡Viva Tequila! Free tequila and other Mexican Independence Day deals

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Mexican Independence Day: You didn’t even know about it, did you? Via History.com

Cinco De Mayo? Not Mexican Independence Day. El Quince de Septiembre? Yes, it is Mexican Independence Day. Both celebrate Mexico and independence and something that happened in the 1800s, but more importantly, both celebrate tequila. The night starts at 11pm on Sept. 15 and continues into Sept. 16, which is technically Independence Day. I like this whole holidays-starting-at-11pm the night before. Two nights of tequila are better than one. Traditionally there is a reading of Hidalgo’s speech about getting land back, defending rights and disdain for Spaniards. This is followed by a thrice chanted ¡Viva México! And also, it apparently involves free tequila. Viva México indeed.

El Grito Mexican IndepenDANCE
Public Assembly
, 70 North 6th st., Williamsburg, (718)384-4586. FREE!

Although usually located at La Superior, El Grito have taken their tequila ship over to Public Assembly. Get to the El Grito Mexican IndepenDANCE party between 11pm – midnight and drink all the tequila your stomach will allow. Or coat your stomach with tacos and then drink more tequila than your stomach will allow. Just kidding. Be safe.

Mesa Azteca, 91 Wyckoff Ave., Bushwick, (347) 378-2838

Mesa Azteca has delicious tacos. They also have free tequila ALL Saturday from 11am-midnight. And when I asked the owner what he meant by free tequila all day he said “all day there is free tequila.” Yes, please.

Pacifico, 269 Pacific St., Cobble Hill, (718) 935-9090

Another all-day specialer, Pacifico has $3 margaritas and beers from noon-11pm. It also has a pretty sweet outdoor area.

Cantina Royale, 58 North 3rd St., Williamsburg, (347) 763-2938

This spot is billing its party as an authentic Mexican celebration, where they are going to project on a large screen the reciting Hidalgo’s speech, and bring in some “really really really good” Mexican bands and DJs. Kinda sounds awesome.

So here are some things to do this Saturday, any other ideas leave ‘em in the comment section. 


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