Visit Manhattan without leaving Brooklyn and 8 other free things to do this week

It’s really a knock-out, you know? via The Film Emporium

1. Go see Manhattan for a reminder of what it was like before there was a Guy Fieri restaurant there. (Monday)

2. Put a dollar value on your collection of useless knowledge with trivia at Alchemy. (Monday)

3. Check out a book-release party about the secrets of the hotel industry and maybe you’ll never stay at a hotel ever again. (Tuesday)

4. Tell a story and get a cookie at I Like You, Maude. (Tuesday)

5. Learn the science behind Sandy and why we’re now all doomed to deal with this every year until we die. (Tuesday)

6. If you get good at drinking and spelling things now, you’ll be prepared for when it becomes a sobriety test. (Tuesday)

7. Thanksgiving is the most Americana-friendly holiday, so check out some roots music. (Wednesday)

8. Consider volunteering before you stuff yourself full of yams. (Thursday)

9. And now that you’ve stuffed yourself, burn off some of those calories by singing your heart out. (Friday)

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