Tonight: Brooklyn’s best free show gets even better with free beer

Vince takes em to church. Photo by Eric Reichbaum via FB.

We’ve said it before, but the Rev. Vince Anderson and his Love Choir at Union Pool is the best damn free weekly show in Brooklyn, and anyone who disagrees must be some kind of sinner sent here by the Mitt Romney buzzkill brigade. It’s so much fun that we won’t even waste our time selling it to you, except to tell you that tonight is Vince’s birthday, which means, in addition to the two sets of dirty, sweaty gospel, you’ll also get some free pints of Sixpoint’s specialĀ Instant Pentecostal Apostle, the Rev’s own brew; and Eli “Paperboy” Reed will be DJing and singing with the band. If you miss it, you’ll never understand why you are the miracle.

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