Videology is transforming itself into Shaun of the Dead’s Winchester Tavern on Halloween

It'll be just like this, except that there'll be a total lack of threats from zombies. Probably.
It’ll be just like this, except that there’ll be a total lack of threats from zombies. Probably.

What are the odds that a zombie horde converges on Brooklyn on Halloween this year? Probably low, but really who can guarantee anything in this crazy modern world of ours? With the threat of the walking dead always around the corner, you have to be prepared to have a place to outlast the apocalypse, and fortunately this year you’ll have a great place to do that in Brooklyn when Williamsburg’s Videology transforms into The Winchester Tavern from Shaun of the Dead on Halloween.

If you’ll recall, The Winchester was where Shaun, Ed, Liz and the gang holed up to outlast the zombie apocalypse and also come to some personal revelations about growing up and maturing in Shaun of the Dead. You’ll have the same opportunity to do that, although hopefully you’ll avoid the zombie part because if we’re being totally honest here, who among us is actually prepared to fight off zombies?

That being said, the total conversion of the bar into an all-day Shaun of the Dead party is going to be nothing if not a thorough tribute. Beyond showing the movie from noon until 4am, Videlogy will be dragging Winchester flair and baubles in, like a pool table, a jukebox and a fake Winchester rifle. They’ll also have a Shaun of the Dead photobooth and bartenders dressed up as characters from the film.

And, since waving around a fake rifle and threatening to hit people with pool sticks can’t entertain you all day, there are also going to be Ommegang beer specials, a zombie dance party and a makeup artist will be on hand to give people zombie makeovers. Of course, we’d be careful with that last one, since you don’t want any drunk partygoers to get a bit TOO into things and mistake you for a real zombie. What with all those pool sticks lying around…

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