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Video: Bushwick bar made a hilarious greatest hits video to celebrate its fourth birthday

It’s not a party without some laughs.

Bootleg Bar sure knows how to celebrate it’s fourth birthday with a laughter-inducing “greatest hits” satire video. The spoof video written and directed by Horatio Baz offers up a funny retro-feel commercial advertising a greatest hits CD (or cassette!) collection of tunes with the words “Bootleg Bar” on each track.

The spoof is funny and a spot-on recreation of those nostalgic hit song compilation TV spots and long gone but maybe not entirely forgotten Columbia House free CD promotions.

The phone number will put you in touch with the bar. But, maybe they have  a greatest hits CD for you. Either way, you should swing by the bar for it’s chill atmosphere (and pinball machine) and their killer $5 beer and shot special.

Bootleg is located at 1438 Myrtle Ave. in Bushwick.

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