VHS nerds: An event worth pausing your evening to check out

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I just learned about this on Reddit, of all places (which, c’mon guys, shoot us an email us with crap like this!). Tonight, Williamsburg’s Nitehawk Cinema is hosting some sort of free event for VHS fetishists. If you’re somehow interested in anything VHS, I can probably stop explaining it here because, honestly, what other VHS event are you going to go to? But for the curious rest of us, there seems to be tape trading, secret Santa, a game show, food, drinks, a “Santa Pause” and a screening of an old “ratty” VHS version of 1989’s Elves. Personally, nostalgia for the never-not crappy VHS format seems like pining for medical practices pre-discovery of bacteria, but shine on you crazy tracking-button pushing diamonds. Nitehawk has these events periodically, so keep an eye on its site for future info.

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