Untapped Cities launches members-only Insiders program for NYC adventurers

In as popular a metropolis as New York it can feel as though the city has been infinitely picked over and nothing new remains to be experienced which hasn’t already been blurb-ified to death in a guide book. Enter Untapped Cities, the passion project of a New York native which has grown into an incredible community and news and events site (which is, full disclosure, a partner site of Brokelyn) adept at mining the boroughs for the best in bizarre and unknown experiences.

Yesterday, Untapped Cities announced the launch of their Insiders program, a “members-only club that will bring our audience to the most off-limits, unique places in New York City for free with a monthly membership.” In addition to comped tickets for Untapped events, members will also be privy to free tickets to talks, book launch parties, early bird ticketing, and exclusive offers from Untapped Cities and their partners.

In Brooklyn, upcoming members-only Insiders events include a tour of Park Slope’s abandoned shooting range and hidden Veterans Museum and a tour of Marine Park’s historic Lott House – once a stop on the Underground Railroad.

For varying rewards, Insiders membership costs from $5 to $25 a month. Sign up here

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