Ring in the new year with a new tattoo at Brokelyn-approved NYHC Tattoo

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Happy customers. Photo via Mikee Kwasnik

It’s 2014 guys. It’s time for the year that will make a permanent mark on your life. Not with something like marriage or kids or home ownership, which all end in failure disappointment and disaster respectively, but with a tattoo. For better or worse, you’ve got one of those until you die! And then it’s still there! Where to go get one though? If you’ll allow some tattooed bloggers to make the recommendation to you, we say go see Mikee Kwasnik at New York Hardcore Tattoo (127 Stanton Street).

If you recognize Mikee’s name, that’s because he was cool enough to give away $100 worth of his services to a lucky raffle winner at our No Office Holiday Party. You can see that work right here. Mikee, who we met when he did Brokelyn tattoos for three of us (blog lyfe) is a real pro, and will chat about what it was like to grow up in Greenpoint before it was the kind of place unofficial Girls waking tours take you through, while giving you a permanent mark for your whole life.

Founded by Vinnie Stigma of Agnostic Front and Jimmy Gestapo of Murphy’s Law, NYHC is an awesome oasis of weird in the increasingly bougie LES, and we can’t recommend it enough. And if you can’t trust tattoo recommendations from bloggers, who can you trust them from?

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