Union Pool hookup homages now trending on Twitter

Union Pool, AKA an expanded Terminal 5 bathroom, known by tourists and locals alike as “where the boys are”, is trending on Twitter thanks to a New York Magazine hot take-memoir, the first eight words of which are, “In 2011, I moved to Brooklyn from Oakland”. The bar-incarnation of Tinder and “Utopia of 2000s Williamsburg,” is – surprise (like you didn’t already know) – filled with horny gentrifiers eager for hookups. There might as well be Lena Dunham masks at the door, which is a horrifying concept, but so is Union Pool.

As commenter kafkast accurately notes, “Union Pool was a great place to play russian roulette with your genitals.”

The article has inspired lots of somewhat backhanded but mostly nostalgic Union Pool reminiscing on media’s favorite social network. Some gems:

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