Dueling verdicts on the Richard Meier building: ‘gorgeous’ vs. ‘totally lame’

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The Momasphere-hosted reading by Prospect Park West author Amy Sohn at the Richard Meier building went down last night to mixed real-estate reviews from Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn and Effed In Park Slope.

Louise from OTBKB, who didn’t like Sohn’s book, actually liked the apartment. The reading was held in a third floor, four-bedroom apartment that “can comfortably seat 100 people,” she wrote, adding that “the kitchen had an enormous counter/island with some gorgeous looking appliances that sort of disappear seamlessly into the walls.”

Then there’s Erica from Fucked in Park Slope, who looooved Sohn’s book, but hated the apartment.

“It was basically one of those all white numbers where you can’t quite tell what’s a cabinet or what’s a refrigerator because everything is just white lacquer and looks the same.” Her list of complaints was lengthy; she disliked the oddly-placed load-bearing elements, overly trendy “leaded glass peekaboo shower wall[s],” the lack of interesting door knobs and faucets, and the unappealing “reverse railroad” layout of the place, among other things. A unit, by the way, cost up to $5 million.

Neither left with a buyers contract, but both left with a swag bag that included “mojito-flavored lickable oil” from Babeland.

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  1. Uhm, the “gift bag” totally friggin sucked…the only gifts that were in it were the lickable oil and a pen. Unless, of course, you consider business cards from local area businesses “gifts.” OH, or a cd with images of the Richard Meier building that you could see on their website. Forgot about THAT “gift.”

  2. I really liked the gift bag. In addition to the lickable oil & pen (some people got a candle instead of the oil), there was a free Hybrid Mom magazine ($5.95) which I actually really liked. A Free VIP ticket to any other upcoming Momasphere event ($10) and a free lingerie coupon worth $18, plus a no cost eye exam coupon for babies. plus, I thought the gift bag itself was pretty nice.

  3. I’m a mom and I actually thought the gift bags were cool- not just the sleek design, which I thought was great- but there were all kinds of coupons for free stuff, like three days a The Slope gym for free…I mean I hardly get to work out these days but just using the sauna and steam is worth it…for $10 I drank a few glasses of wine, had some good food, and got all this free stuff in the bag…

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