A Trump/Sanders debate is coming to Brooklyn

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This is all well and good but we really want to see Jim Webb in there. Photo by Mindy Tucker, via Facebook

It’s approximately Year 35 of the 2016 presidential race, and that means certain things are happening. Candidates are dropping out, candidates are saying weird creepy things in an attempt to seem relatable and comedians have perfected their candidate impressions. The two biggest characters of the election, regardless of the legitimacy of their politics, have also been identified, with sons of the outer boroughs Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump delighting America with their dueling philosophies and charming accents. “Oh man I’d love to see Sanders debate Trump,” has gone the drunken conversation when the election has come up, and now we’re getting that fantasy debate America, when¬†comedians James Adomian and Anthony Atamanuik bring their dueling impressions of the candidates to a show at The Bell House.

Adomian and Atamaniuk have been doing their Trump/Sanders schtick across the river at UCB in Manhattan, but on November 11, they’ll be bringing their improvised debate between a loathsome billionaire and the most popular American to embrace socialism since Kinky Friedman to the big stage, Brooklyn U.S.A. Adomian might not match the star power of Larry David’s Bernie Sanders impression on SNL, but with a wig that looks like it was stolen off the end of a mop and a pleghmatc delivery, he has Sanders down even tighter than David did. Atamaniuk’s Trump sounds kind of like Ronald Reagan, but that works since Reagan was also seen a clown who would never be president until he suddenly was. Atamaniuk also has Trump’s free floating confidence down, which may or may not be enough to keep him from being summarily executed as a pathetic loser enemy of the great state during the first week of the Trump Administration.

The show on November 11 will run you $20, but it won’t be just a debate. We’re also promised stand up comedy and special guests (with any luck Jim Webb will wander in). Don’t worry about spoiling anything by watching the video of the previously matchup between the two, since the debate is supposed to be an improvised show, they shouldn’t be going back to the same exact lines. Except maybe the creepy Trump incest lines about his daughter. Will they walk away as friends like they did the first time? We’re getting mercifully closer to the day when America finally votes for someone and we start speculating on the 2020 presidential race, so those good feelings may have evaporated by then.

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