Turn your old embarrassing CD purchases into embarrassing MP3s for free, courtesy of Amazon

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Don’t worry, we won’t tell. Photo via Flickr user disloyalorderof.

You know that collection of abandoned CDs hanging out on your top shelf growing lonely from disuse? It’s okay, we all have one. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, as most of us did, not only did we witness the transition from cassettes to CDs, we also survived the great migration from CDs to MP3s. But that only raised the great question of our generation: what are we supposed to do with all these damn CDs we bought in the last 15 years? Amazon knows your plight, and they want to help you out, with free CD to MP3 conversion.

What are you to do with your movie soundtracks, intellectual hip-hop records, and albums from Sheryl Crow in her deeper, darker days? Well, we’re not sure what you’re supposed to do with the CDs themselves, but if you bought them from Amazon at any time since 1998, you might be interested in their new program, AutoRip.

AutoRip automatically gives access to downloadable MP3s of any CD purchased off Amazon. Not buying CDs anymore? That’s fine, Amazon anticipated this too. AutoRip will also convert CDs that you’ve purchased on their site as early as 1998.

Were you even purchasing CDs online in 1998? Well, regardless, it’s worth checking out this list of albums that qualify for AutoRip so that maybe you can finally clear some space off your shelves.

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