Turkey’s Nest is keeping the styrofoam, but now there’s an ‘eco-friendly’ paper cup option

Turkey's Nest is keeping the styrofoam, but now there's an 'eco-friendly' paper cup option
The soda cups join, but don’t replace, the iconic styrofoam at Turkey’s Nest. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

We stopped in Turkey’s Nest last night for a traditional pre-Northside beverage or three and were surprised to see the dive’s iconic giant styrofoam cups were nowhere to be found. In their place were large, movie-theater style Coca-Cola cups which you could still get filled with beer or margarita (and still are served with a lid on top). It seemed like the end of an era: had Turkey’s Nest decided to ditch its styrofoam cups after all, even though the city’s styrofoam ban got overturned in September?

Nope — the styrofoam cups live on, manager Steve Ehresman told us this morning, but now customers have an option: the classic styrofoam or what he calls the “eco-friendly” Coca-Cola cups.

“We give people the choice,” Ehresman said “We haven’t changed, everything is status quo.”

So now if drinking a delicious and cheap giant margarita in styrofoam made your inner Captain Planet weep blue tears, now you can slake your thirst with a (slightly) less wasteful paper cup.

The prices remain the same for both options: $3 for a 160z beer, $7 for a margarita. In fact, the paper cup offers a bonus: both the 16oz and 32oz sizes hold .5 more than the styrofoam cups. Ehresman said the bar started stocking the cups last year when the ban went into place, but decided to keep them to give customers a choice.

“This way no one could cry,” he said. “It makes everybody happy. Everybody is a little insensitive these days about all [that].” 

The 36-year-old bar went through about 2,000 foam cups a week, according to DNAinfo. You can also catch it starring as “Hell’s Kitchen” dive Josie’s in Netflix’s Daredevil. Remember: whichever cup you choose, be cool about it.


Hello 32 oz frozen margarita, I’ve missed you. 🍸🍸🍸🍸

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