Try out a barista-free, cat-free work space for free at The Compound Cowork on Saturday

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There are worse places to spend a summer Saturday. We think. via Facebook

Freelancers, small business owners lend us your ears! Working out of a cafe is merely a croissant and a small coffee away, but does the fear of having your laptop  stolen while you hit the can or order another large iced Americano ever go away?

If not, and you’re tired of your co-workers consisting of your cats when you work from home, then it might be time to check out a space where other freelancers just like you congregate to get work done. Brooklyn’s newest co-working space, The Compound Cowork (507 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens), is officially launching this Saturday, and to celebrate they’re offering a free day of co-working (that normally sets you back $30) from 1pm-8pm.

We know, we know, working on a Saturday? Still, The Compound is right off of Prospect Park, so you can escape for some sun for an hour or two while you’re working. If your friends and family scoff at the idea of you working on a Saturday, just remind them how expensive New York is getting and that you feel you don’t need to work in your sleep yet.

Plus, at least you’ll get free cold brew provided by the Brooklyn Roasting Company, and you’ll meet other broke freelancers who you can maybe drink with afterwards.While you take in the scene and figure out if you want this to be your new office, you’ll get a 15% discount if you sign up for a membership of six months or more, and a 10% discount for signing up for less than six months.

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