Trump ‘Pee on Me’ statues are taking over Park Slope sidewalks and it’s hilarious

Well, we’re still living in a political hellscape. But, at least we can laugh while resisting and working on unleashing a blue wave next month.

As reported in Gothamist, a statue of a 1980s-looking Donald Trump was recently spotted in Park Slope. The installation encourages folks (and we assume, furry creatures of all sorts) to let loose and urinate on the insufferable art piece. We love art as protest, and you know, we all need release in dark times. No word on whether any human or dog Park Slop denizens have taken up the offer.

But, where did this bust come from? The credit is due to Porcupine Armadillo, a content studio in the nabe. The creative force behind the ‘Pee on Me’ statue, Phil Gabe, spoke to Gothamist on his inspiration:

It was partly a public service. As a dog owner, I know people get understandably annoyed when dogs pee on their flower beds. But a dog’s instinct to pee where another dog has previously peed is quite strong. They need positive places to pee. If you reward them enough for peeing in appropriate places, that’s the best way to keep them from peeing in places that annoy people. So I sprayed the whole thing down with a dog potty-training aid to make it attractive to initial users. I think we’ll have critical mass very soon.

So the question is: have you walked your dog today? Maybe you should head to Park Slope.

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  1. I think the one on Union was removed. Where are the others? I’m in Crown Heights but would gladly take my dog over the next time we’re at Prospect Park.

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