October is Treehouse of Horror month at The Simpsons Club

Fortunately, you don't need to bring your parents' brains. You could if you want though.
Fortunately, you don’t need to bring your parents’ brains. You could if you want though.

Usually the scariest part of The Simpsons is the awkward self-reflection that comes from our beer bellies jiggling as we laugh at Homer’s beer belly. However, every Halloween Springfield turns into a pretty terrifying town. From crazy credits that you actually want to watch to the drooling aliens Kang and Kodos, the Treehouse of Horror episodes are cherished by every Simpsons fan. It sucks that Treehouse of Horror only comes on once a year so the Simpsons Club at Nitehawk Cinema decided to help us out by showing three Treehouse of Horror episodes every Monday for free during the entire month of October.

Beginning Monday Oct. 6 at 10 pm and running each monday until October 27, Simpsons fans can show up at Nitehawk’s Cafe (136 Metropolitan Ave) to check out the carefully curated episodes playing each week, for free! There will be plenty of laughs, gore, and pop-culture fandom to go around. And while you’re there, make sure to let Nitehawk know how awesome they are by buying a drink. Duff won’t be on tap, but you can get a Skittlebrau. Which should be bought at least once for the novelty.

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