Bring Mary’s Bar a blanket for the homeless, get a free beer

Quick, just grab these ones while you’re not looking. via Flickr user mararie

‘Tis the season to try not to be as shitty a person as you are the rest of the year, for fear that a fat guy in the North Pole with CIA spying technology is watching your every move. Plus having a cold black heart gets a little more uncomfortable as the mercury drops. If you’re wondering how to be “good” we’ve got an easy one for you, and it comes with a good reward. Simply bring a blanket to Mary’s Bar in Park Slope, which they’re collecting for the homeless, and they’ll reward you with a free beer of your choice. It’s really that easy!

Mary’s emailed us to let us know that they’re participating in Blankfest this year, an blanket drive to help the homeless by giving them blankets on Christmas Eve. Since they realize that sometimes it can be good to give people a little incentive to do some charity, they will give you any beer from their wonderful selection in exchange for a blanket that you drop off through December 23. Make it a decent one, it’s cold out there.

They also mentioned they’d be open from 3pm to 2am, if you needed to do something on Christmas and don’t want to ask Humans of New York for help.

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