The 10 best cheap things to do in Brooklyn this week, bike rescue edition

And you thought you were attached to your bike!

1. Haven’t gotten your fill of pride? Refinery29 launches their new webseries Queens of Kings, profiling Bk drag performers. (Monday, FREE)

2. Bring your best vinyl to spin at the Gong Party at Friends & Lovers, where each DJ gets 30 minutes—or less, if the crowd hates you. (Monday, FREE)

3. Meet the eight musical sons of jazz legend Phil Cochran at MoCADA’s screening of Brothers Hypnotic. (Tuesday, $10)

4. Slow-dance the night away (and don’t forget to pick up your dance card) at the Dance Hall of Radiant Space. (Tuesday, $10)

5. Get poetic with Emotive Fruition, a night of poetry celebrating the Periodic Table brought to you by RadioLab. (Tuesday, $10)

6. Celebrate our northern neighbors with The Well’s Canada D’eh, featuring Canadian bacon, Canadian whiskey, and music from Will Butler, July Talk, and more. (Wednesday, FREE)

7. Let the Witches of Bushwick cast their spell on you at the release party for Coven Magazine Issue 4, with installations, DJs, zines, and more. (Thursday, FREE)

8. Don’t be a loner, get to Carroll Park for Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. (Thursday, FREE)

9. Go crazy at Jo Firestone’s Party in the USA, an audience-participation, Miley Cyrus–inspired musical that’s part karaoke, part comedy, and part dance party. (Thursday, $8)

10. Go for broke at Broke City’s Alien Body Takeover, featuring Pictureplane, Ital, Cities Aviv, and UMFANG. (Friday, FREE)

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