Top 10: The best cheap things to do in Brooklyn this week, scary funny edition

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It’s a few days til Halloween—of course comedians are getting bloody. (#4)

1. Did you know ladies were responsible for great Brooklyn foodstuffs like Momofuku Milk Bar’s cake truffles and those heavenly biscuits at Pies ‘n’ Thighs? Come hear about those culinary masters and many more at the book launch for Women Chefs of New York, which includes tastings. (Monday, FREE)

2. In between staging innovative and unique plays, Bushwick Starr hosts a monthly reading series featuring a diverse array of playwrights. This month will be a reading of “The Woodstove” by John Budge. (Monday, FREE)

3. The Brooklyn Brainery is branching out to host classes in all sorts of great spots, and tonight they’ll be at Threes Brewing to slake your Halloween thirst with A Dreadful History of Vampires, Werewolves, and Things That Go Bump In The Night. (You can also slake your actual thirst; cost of admission includes a free beer.) (Tuesday, $12)

4. New monthly show Subreddit Live promises all sorts of internet-y hijinx, including tl;dr threads, reaction GIFs, live Googling, and more. Comedians compete “to make URL IRL”; tonight’s guests include Anna Drezen, Jo Firestone, and Julio Torres. (Tuesday, $5)

5. If you’re an infrastructure nerd, or if you’re just curious about how a massive city like New York actually manages to function as smoothly as it does, you’ll dig the Brooklyn Historical Society’s “How Brooklyn Works” series. Tonight there will be a panel of experts to illuminate the borough’s sewage and wastewater systems. (Wednesday, $5)

6. Or, if reading that last sentence made you want to douse yourself in hand sanitizer, perhaps Bubbles: Life, Death & Cleanliness at Silent Barn will be more your speed: a multimedia presentation on the history and science of bubbles, from their role in cleaning products to their use as artistic inspiration. Attendees will receive a bottle of bubbles. (Wednesday, $7)

7. Lit luminaries Vol 1 Brooklyn and Joyland present a quartet of readers—Jason Diamond, Anna Prushinskaya, Emily Schultz, and Sarah Marian Seltzer—to take part in what we figure is a pretty unbalanced competition: Midwest vs. NYC. (Thursday, FREE)

8. Giggle your way into the weekend at DIY venue Aviv, which will switch gears for Boo, What a Good Show, Boo!, a Halloween-themed comedy showcase featuring John Early, Michelle Wolf, Langston Kerman, and more. (Thursday, $8)

9. We’re seriously nearing the end of outdoor-movie season, even with the NYC Parks Department extension we got this year. So before you go wild on Halloween, grab a bunch of blankets and someone to t-t-t-t-t-t-touch, and head to McCarren Park for the always splendid Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Friday, FREE)

10. Or get a little darker at Over the Eight with Video Nightmares, a multimedia horror comedy show with dozens of performers and presenters, followed by a “spooky” dance party. (Friday, FREE)

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