Tonight, see the best Simpsons episode of all time at Nitehawk

you only move twice
Would he really be such a bad world ruler?

Put 100 Simpsons fans in a room and ask them what the best Simpsons episode ever is, and the odds are that you’re going to get 100 different answers. Still, we’re not going to let that stop us from proclaiming “You Only Live¬†Move Twice” to be the best episode of The Simpsons to ever air. We bring it up because it’s being shown at Nitehawk Cinema¬†tonight at 10pm, as part of their Simpsons Club lineup.

Again, we understand that this a completely subjective idea, we just need you to understand how wrong you are in selecting any other Simpsons episode as the best. Albert Brooks’ turn as New Age-y boss/megalomaniacal Bond villain Hank Scorpio basically provided a template for every weirdly cult-ish internet startup boss that’s come along since then. Tell us you don’t think Jeff Bezos wouldn’t put a hammock district in the Amazon offices if he didn’t think it would remind people of Scorpio just a little too much.

The episode also has some of the best jokes the show has ever seen, from Homer’s absolutely earnest dream of owning the Dallas Cowboys, lines like “Ever see a guy say goodbye to a shoe?” and “Seems to me that someone’s got a case of the ‘s’pose’das'” and gags like a bum turning into a mailbox and Homer sullenly kicking a grenade as he leaves the Globex offices/lair for the last time, there aren’t many times you won’t laugh during the episode. Plus, out of all of the villains who’ve attempted to conquer the East Coast, Hank Scorpio just seems to be the one who’s reign of terror you’d want to live under. We figure everyone would at least get a decent pair of moccasins out of the whole thing.


  1. Plus, “Aww, the Denver Broncos?!” seems appropriate at the moment.

    (Nitpick: the episode is called “You Only Move Twice”. “You Only Live Twice,” as the article calls it, is, of course, the Bond movie it references.)

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