Tonight: Learn how youngins are making good in the world

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Don't break bad, make good!

We haven’t read this book yet, but it sounds right up our alley, and the words “launch party” at Powerhouse usually mean “free booze and stuff.” The release party is for Making Good, a book chronicling a project where the authors interviewed hundreds of young people (we refuse to call you “millennials”) to get real advice on how to build a meaningful career that can be both financially and spiritually rewarding, even in this time of unemployment and economic cruditude. “The solution to our jobs crisis is the same solution to our ecological and social crises — creating jobs that do good,”the book description says. It’s written by Billy Parish, who co-founded the Energy Action Coalition, and Dev Aujla, the founder of DreamNow, which helps young people create social change projects. Beats slinging meth for a living.

6pm, Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main St., Dumbo.

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