Tonight, go see, I mean listen to, Naked Girls Reading

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These girls look like brainiacs, naked must be the new glasses. via

Geez, these days, girls just can’t seem to keep their clothes on while reading in public. There’s no real answer to asking why; more pertinent is the when and where. So if you are bored tonight around 9 p.m. and feeling both horny and literary, you can check out the collective Naked Girls Reading, reading naked and being girls at Under St. Mark’s. The theme tonight, besides naked girls, is “Spies Like Us,” featuring readings from Christopher Marlowe to Jason Bourne performed by naked readers Gal Friday, Run Around Sue and Barbara Gordon, the Naked Librarian. Sounds intriguing! The word count on naked and girls so far, including when I just repeated naked and girls, OK and that time too, is six for each. Tonight, keep a tally and turn it into a drinking game with the crowd.


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