Tonight, debate the issue on everyone’s mind: Should Obama be impeached?

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It doesn’t really help that he’s reading this post right now

For awhile, a bunch of the scandals sticking to the Obama administration were of the “paranoid delusion” variety. “Show us the Benghazi!”, the government taking your guns, hell, even the IRS targeting political groups is something that’d been happening for years. But now with the news that the NSA is basically reading your thoughts, and without a warrant no less, we have an honest-to-god scandal that makes the government look like the Eye of Sauron. So the question is, is this Obama’s fault? And if it is, does he have to go? One debate group will be talking it over tonight in Williamsburg.

The Dionysium, a philosophy/variety discussion group that meets monthly at Williamsburg’s Muchmore’s, will be tackling what is no doubt a thorny issue for the masses of left-leaning Obama voters, like us, who thought things would be different under this administration. Arguing in favor of impeachment will be Howard Yourow, a human rights lawyer, who probably has quite a bit to say. Arguing against it will be consultant James Kaplan. Following each person’s presentation, the floor will also open up to an audience Q and A. Given that it’s at a bar, we imagine the questions will be respectful and well thought out. See you there! We’ll be the ones in the “I Voted for Kodos” t-shirt.

Dionysium: Should Obama Be Impeached?, tonight, 9:30pm, Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg, FREE

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    • “Full of” is an exaggeration. There were two. That other guy who said Obama’s mom was a tool of the CIA is a special case all his own. A special case who did NOT appreciate being laughed at.

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