Tonight: Connect Four Tournament Round 2

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These two came from Williamsburg last week, and probably won, based on their smiles.

For me, last week was just practice.  Tonight, it’s on.*

Last Tuesday, 40 people gathered to compete in the world’s biggest Connect Four tournament, happening at the the Bell House in Gowanus. Aside from the free vodka and beer specials, the people came to line up four in a row, stare their competitor in the face, and say “that’s right.”  Half succeeded.  They will be playing on November 24 for the championship, which could provide the winner with up to $1,000 (depending on the turn-outs tonight and next Tuesday.) Tonight’s a brand-new slate.  There will be losers there from last week, as well as fresh eager faces that will say “Oh my God!, I haven’t played since I was 10! I’ll totally kick your butt!**” And there will be those random people who actually have skill or math knowledge who will probably always win. It’s $3 to play. Well drinks and select beer: $4.  The chance to be Connect Four champion in two weeks?  Well… like I said … it’s $3. See you there.

*I have done nothing special, really, this week, to prepare.

**I believe this is a direct quote from me from last week.

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