Today: weirdly good deals from NYC coupon sites

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Watch out for budgetary red shells this spring.

Typically, coupon sites traffic in hair removal, little-known restaurants and spa miscellany we don’t need, but we couldn’t help noticing an unusually intriguing spread of offers today, including dinner at a top-notch Williamsburg eatery, go kart racing, insurance-claims help, and furniture from a film prop store that sounds pretty cool.

Film props: Spring cleaning also means spring shopping! Find some great former television and film props,from the practical to the eccentric at the Film Biz Prop Shop in Park Slope, and feel confident that your karma will be clean, since a portion of the profits goes to charity. Groupon offers a $60 certificate for $25.

Date night: Blackboard Eats brings you the promise of a great night of food with 30 percent off dinner at the Michelin star-rated Dressler in Williamsburg.

Go Karting: Plan your own Day of Thunder with Go Kart Racing at Pole Position Racing in Jersey City. The Daily News offers you a deal of $30 for two 15-lap races and, naturally, a Monster Energy Drink ($63 value). Don’t get too amped: there’s no coupon for downers yet.

Nets game: Now that you’re already in Jersey, might as well head over to the Prudential Center for a Nets game (and debate whether want to cheer for them when they move to Brooklyn). With this deal from Living Social, you get a shot at $25 tickets to games between February 9 and March 29 ($75 value).

Health insurance help: With a deal at Poppins Perks, you can start off your first quarter right with $49 for health insurance claims reimbursement and advocacy services from Off Your ($120 value), which will help submit claims to your insurance company and get money that’s owed to you. It might not sound sexy, but remember: money back now equals more fun (and go karts) later.

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